office meeting

Yet Another Meeting, known also as YAM, was created a long time ago. We all know how much important it is to be organized especially when it comes to business and school-related stuff. This is basically the reason why this website was created. The group of people who created this site started this only with the goal to create a place where people can easily put up a reminder or post notes in their own space. However, as time went by, we know we had to upgrade this website in order to provide a better place for the people and we called it their own workplace. Now, we already are able to let people use this website with more than one feature free for everyone.

We wanted to give you your space whether you are a student, a worker, or a businessperson. Since every note is important, we made it possible for you to be able to make your own workstation in here and be your own secretary. You can put everything about your meetings on this website through your account. It is possible for you to even upload here recordings of any conversation you may have during a meeting in order to fully have the details as reference in the future. You can also post notes here, create reminders, or create your drafts for you to get back to before your next meeting.

The team will give all these features FREE for everyone because every meeting matters and every single detail must be noted. It is for everyone to have an easy access on. You can just log online on our website to access it or download it if you want to bring it with you on someplace where there is no internet connection. We are going to release our own mobile application soon for you to have better convenience in accessing our content. Bring YAM wherever you are and whenever you will have a meeting so that you can record everything you need.