frequently asked question

Q. Hi! I’ve heard about your website from my colleague. Is it true that I still have to create an account in order to use your website? Could I use it as a guest or something?
A. Hello, thank you so much for sending us a message. We are afraid you cannot use the site without logging in. We do require you to create an account. We do that for every user. Without an account, you wouldn’t be able to create your own workplace here in YAM and no files could be saved online. Even if you do manage to succeed in uploading, it will be gone as soon as you leave the site. We do hope you can create an account so you could use the best features of YAM.

Q. Is the mobile application for Android phones coming up soon?
A. Hello! Thank you for your question. Yes. The application for both Android phones and iOs will be released very soon. Please wait for our announcement here on our website.

Q. Is it true that you will be creating an app version of the site soon?
A. Hello, thank you for your message. Yes, it is true that YAM will have a mobile application soon that you can download straight to your gadgets especially smartphones. Please wait for the announcement with regards to this.

Q. Can I delete my account? How?
A. Hi! Yes, you may delete your own account anytime you want. Just go to the settings and check out your account. There, you may click the ‘delete account’ to permanently delete all of your stored information in our system. We will send you confirmation codes to your email address for security purposes before you can delete your account from us.

Q. Can I create an account again after deleting my old one and is it possible to use the same email address?
A. Hello! Yes, you can create a new account on our website using your old email address.