Replace and Adjust Garage Door Springs

Garage door spring replacement and adjustment are very important to keep the garage door in good running condition. These springs may not be as huge as the electric garage door opener but they are important to lift the garage door and to counterbalance its balance.

Learning how to maintain the springs will help you to enjoy the efficient operations of the garage door. Professional garage door companies are always available whenever you need them. No doubt, every homeowner has very little knowledge about garage door springs. So, it is wise to hire a reputed Raleigh, North Carolina garage door spring repair company to make your garage door safe and secure.

The garage door springs come in two types which are normally placed at the upper portion of the garage door opening. They are commonly known as extension or torsion garage door springs. They are connected with the metal shaft to raise and lower the garage door. These shafts are adjusted above the opening that is parallels to the top area of the garage door frame. Extension springs are also known as side-mounted springs. They are heavy and long springs that are placed at both sides at the top of tracks. These springs are used to make tension and to lift the garage door easily while opening and closing. Extension springs perform the same function like the torsion garage door springs when pulling force is used.

The right and effective way to maintain the garage door springs is to replace them as a set. Garage door springs will lose their strength and stress due to prolonged usage. That is why; it is always advisable to replace them both at the same time to maintain the balance of the garage door. If one of them breaks down, another one will break sooner, even after good maintenance. So it is always wise to repair, maintain, and replace both the springs at the same time.

It is strongly recommended that you hire professional services to repair and adjust the garage door springs properly. Stay away from performing any DIY project especially if you are not well familiar with the mechanism of garage door and not comfortable with the handy tools. Don’t forget that garage door springs can be dangerous which can cause serious injuries and property damages if not handled expertly. They should not be taken for granted.