corporate meeting

Rain D.

It was such a great website! I really love how I am able to record conversations on this website and save it online in my account and ‘workplace’. I’m such a slow writer so typing on phone or laptop and writing notes on paper have always been bad for me. Recording on my phone can be useful but I tend to lose my files and delete them accidentally because too much recording can be confusing at times. This is the reason why it made me so happy to be able to pile them up here. Now, I could record everything on this website without struggling to find the whereabouts of every recording. I really love this website. It is such a great thing for meetings.

Tyler I.

I’ve always looked for an application on my phone which I could use for my school meetings and activities. However, not everything worked okay for me especially since I prefer having all of my notes uploaded online so I wouldn’t lose it. Most of the apps I found are not available online so I looked for others until I saw this site. It is a great website and is very useful for workers and students like me. YAM really helped me out in creating my drafts, notes, reminders, and in recording my meetings. This is very useful and I find it very fitting for what I need. I will also be waiting for the application soon.

Hannah P.

I love the features on this website. Now that I heard there would be an application version coming up, I am very excited. I found it saddening that I can’t record anything offline but I guess with an app of the YAM, I will be able to do it soon. I can’t wait to have the new app and use the new features as well.