About Us

About Us

Meetings. Love them or hate them, it’s unlikely you’ll do business without them. Ideally, meetings create a real-time workspace where ideas are shared, deals are won, and strategies are debated. In short, the meeting is where we collaborate with others, whether it’s face-to-face, via teleconference, via videoconference, or online.

While meetings may have these good intentions, we all know the reality often tells a different story. And, with the time spent on meetings costing billions of dollars daily, it’s important to strive for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. People habitually complain about the quantity and quality of meetings, often because of a lack of understanding of meeting objectives, a lack of structure, a lack of cohesion, and a lack of clear follow-up actions. It’s little wonder why many people equate meetings with a waste of time.

We’re a venture capital-backed company that aims to make meetings more useful, more productive, more engaging, and more deserving of your time. We’re software geeks (in a good way) that have developed a web application that delivers full-cycle support for meeting management activities – from meeting conception to meeting closure.

We think you’ll love the ways that yaM can improve your meetings. With intuitive features like Agenda/Notes, Pro-Con Analysis, Consensus Development, Whiteboard and others, your meetings will be instantly more productive and deserving of your time. Best of all, everything related to your meeting is stored and organized in one secure place.

We invite you to sign up and try us out. We’re excited to hear your comments and will do our best to make yaM better for you and your colleagues.